The Wood Brothers

Mixture of folk, country, blues, and jazz
Tue 27 Aug ’24 20:15 uur

Chris Wood - double bass and vocals
Oliver Wood - guitar and vocals
Jano Rix - drums, percussion, shuitar, keyboard, and vocals

Tue 27 Aug ’24
20:15 uur

Brothers Chris and Oliver Wood have been making music together as The Wood Brothers since 2006. In 2011, multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix joined the duo, adding layers of texture to their music with his arsenal of instruments. The trio blends folk, country, blues, and jazz into a typical Americana style while maintaining a distinct sound. Their performances as a trio are so impressive that it's hard to believe there are only three of them. In 2013, they received widespread recognition with their album 'The Muse,' and in 2018, they received a Grammy nomination for their album 'One Drop of Truth'.

Chris and Oliver Wood each had remarkable musical careers before forming The Wood Brothers duo. Chris was a member of the experimental jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood, which had a significant influence on the jazz and jam-band circuits. Oliver was active in King Johnson, a band that combined blues and funk, and collaborated with artists like Tinsley Ellis. The chemistry between the brothers is evident in The Wood Brothers through harmonious multi-part singing, musical improvisations, and rhythms inspired by jazz and funk. The Wood Brothers have since released eight studio albums and four live albums. During this concert, they will perform songs from their most recent album 'Heart Is The Hero,' as well as a selection of their older, well-known hits.

Support act: Robbie Cavanagh

As a lover of 'real music,' Robbie Cavanagh does not let himself be defined by genres. In his own, unpolished songs, Robbie sings about heartache, loss, love, and discovery. When he writes, he lives by his own motto: 'The more you struggle with an idea, the more contrived it becomes.' Robbie writes honestly, full of emotion, and, most importantly, from his instinct. On August 27, the British singer-songwriter will be the support act for The Wood Brothers.