Ticket sale

Due to the ongoing corona situation we cannot be reached by telephone and our boxoffice is closed, until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please mail us on tickets@muziekgebouweindhoven.nl

You can easily buy and print your tickets at home! You can also purchase your tickets by phone (+31(0)40-2442020), or at the Box Office

If you buy tickets for 4 separate concerts or subscribe to a concert series you'll get a €2 discount per ticket! Please note that tickets need to be placed together in one order.

Cash-free interval
For the great majority of our classical concerts, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has cash-free intervals in order to reduce waiting times at the bar. This means that a drink is included in the ticket price. It will give you more time to have your drink at leisure and enjoy the interval. In case you are visiting a concert without an interval, drinks are served after the concert. For pop, jazz, world and kids concerts, drinks are not included.

What if it turns out I can't make it to the concert after all?
Tickets to classical concerts can be returned up to three days before the concert. You can change them for tickets to another concert or you will receive a voucher. Click here for the general conditions.
Tickets to all other concert genres cannot be returned. We advise to use TicketSwap for safely selling on your tickets to someone else. Facebook events, for instance, have an option to advertise your TicketSwap-tickets.

Can I choose my own seats?
You can choose your own seats via the live seating plan on our website.

How do I pay if I order my tickets online?
If you purchase your tickets online, you use iDeal (internet banking) or your credit card. Before you pay for your tickets, you have to indicate how you would like to receive the tickets. If you opt for e-tickets, which are free of charge, you will receive them in your inbox within a few minutes. Would you prefer to receive your tickets in the post? We charge €2,50 extra for postage & packaging for your order (not per ticket).

General Terms and Conditions VSCD
Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven is part of the managing boards of the association of Theatres and Concert Venues in the Netherlands.

Changes in the Concert Programme

All information on this website concerning concert programme and prices is subject to change.


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