Seat-selection, how does it work?

You can select your seats while ordering tickets. However, we have had to change the seating plan to fit the 1.5m distance measures. This is how it works:

What hasn't changed is that seats either all have the same price or are priced differently depending on the place in the hall. What's new is that visitors are required to arrive at Muziekgebouw in different timeslots. This way the audience can be ushered in in groups so that social distancing requirements can be met.

When selecting specific seats this could mean that your arrival time could be up to an hour prior to the concert. To avoid disappointments we advise careful planning so that your timeslot fits your schedule. Your timeslot will also be indicated on your tickets.

Suppose you order a ticket for the 19h30 concert. This could mean for example that you're required to arrive in the 18h15 and 18h30 timeslot, depending on the seat you have chosen. Timeslots are made visible while ordering on the website as well as on your tickets.

>> Easy proceedings <<
To guarantee an easy flow to the hall while observing the corona-measures we would like to ask you to arrive within your timeslot. This is the only way in which we can prevent too many people entering the hall at once and guarantee the required social distance.

Seat reservation in combination with a concertmenu at Meneer Frits
Would you like to enjoy a delicious two or three course dinner in the Grand Café / Restaurant Meneer Frits before the concert? Keep in mind that you must be at the restaurant at least 45 minutes before the chosen timeslot. Below you can see what time you are expected at Meneer Frits regarding the time slot you have chosen.