Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has two halls:

The floor plan may differ from the layouts above.

Hertog Jan Hall

Capacity (classical) : 1.250 seats
Capacity (pop, jazz & global): 1.097 seats
Capacity semi seated: 1.600 spots

In the Hertog Jan Hall the first seven rows an be removed, so that standing places are created (for example at pop concerts). In this way, the hall will be accessible to an audience of approximately 1.600. The Hertog Jan Hall has a capacity of 14.500 cubic meters, the stage has a surface of more than 225 square meters. The hall is 44 meters deep and 33 meters wide, the height is over 20 meters.

Small Hall

Capacity: 385 seats

The Small hall is mainly used for chamber music, but can be used for symposia, conferences and the like. The dimensions of the hall are 26 x 22 meters, the volume is around 3.200 cubic meters.

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Technical information

Looking for technical information about our halls? Download here: plans showing technical information.